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Dental Implants

The ultimate expression of modern technology in dentistry, dental implants are the most life-like replacement for missing teeth. Surgical-grade titanium implants allow our doctors to create the foundation for new teeth without damaging adjacent teeth or creating areas which trap food and are difficult to clean. With 3-D radiographic imaging in-house, we can plan the safest and best way to replace your missing teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The doctors at Yosemite Dental Care are qualified to extract impacted wisdom teeth and save you a trip to the oral surgeon. We don’t believe that every wisdom tooth is bad, but we can advise you whether your’s or your child’s 3rd molars could present a problem in the future. Don’t forget to ask about our sedation options!


Oral Conscious Sedation has become a preferred option to remove the stress of many procedures in dentistry. Oral Sedation has nothing to do with pain, but everything to do with your mental game. With painlessly administered oral medications, Yosemite Dental Care has the best options to fit your needs.


Mariposa Office

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